Specialized in valve manufacturing, including ball valve, gate valve, globe valve and check valve in carbon steel and stainless steel. FBV valves have acquired API 6D, API 600 and CE certification and our management system has met ISO9001, ISO/TS 29001 and API Q1.


Manfactures and sell the following products: Ball Vales, Cast Steel Valves, Forged Steel Valves, cast Iron and Bronze Valves, Cast Stainless steel Valves, Butterfly Valves, Gate Valves, Check Valves, Y strainer etc.


Bonney Forge is an industry leader in marketing and manufacturing forged steel fittings and unions, branch connections, forged steel valves, cast steel valves and specialty products, Bonney Forge sets the standard for the industry.

PK Valves

PK Valves began the Valve business for the first time in Korea in 1947. With its huge production capacity, PK Valves can produce most kind of Valves and runs the most advanced Valve Business System, the best QA system, certificates and the most efficient after-sale service system as a leader in the industrial valve sector of Korea..


Douglas Chero was established in 1974 to meet the demand for high quality forged valves in the petroleum refining and production plants, offshore oil and gas fields, power industry, fertilizer, chemical and desalination plants all over the world. Production capacity soured from 3,000 pieces in 1974 to current 40,000 pieces per month in our new factory with modern state of the art machining facilities and manufacturing technology.


USA 3D VALVE GROUP Co. is an enterprises specialized in designing,manufacturing and selling gate valves, globe valves, ball valves, check valves, filters valves and etc.



GWC Valve International, a manufacturer and supplier of check valves, ball valves, gate valves and butterfly valves. GWC has provided a total of 2,262 model FF forged trunnion ball valves, as well as other various other components such as floating ball valves, high-pressure ball valves and threaded ball valves.


Lung Yun is a professional lost wax casting manufacturer of clip gate valve, gate valves, pneumatic gate valve, floating ball valve, casting components, casting valve, trailer parts, pipe fittings, etc. Lung Yun’s products has approved by ISO 9001, CRN, CE, API 607.


Oliver Valves has a rich and enviable history in the field of cutting edge flow control technologies and offers an extensive product range including High Pressure Needle & Ball Valves, Needle Valve Manifolds, Monoflanges & Slimline Monoflanges, Double Block & Bleed Valves, Injection Valves, Sampling Valves, Distribution Manifolds & Instrumentation Products.

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